VIDEO: The windows of the Parliament were broken, the speech of Vesna Petrushevska was interrupted

Photo: RFE/printscreen

In the moments when the actress spoke in front of the gathered citizens Vesna Petrusevska, her speech was interrupted when a group of protesters, some of them wearing phantoms, tore down the protective fence placed in front of the Parliament and tried to push towards the entrance of the Parliament building, where they were prevented by a large police cordon.

Demonstrators are throwing various objects at the police, but also at the assembly building, which has broken windows, and the situation is tense.

Petrushevska said in her speech that no one has the right to negotiate about our identity and language, as well as that "this protest is a fight for us, the Macedonians".

"I came with one purpose, to tell you a few things. First of all, it is a social responsibility for every cultural worker, actors, musician to come and say that we only have one language, and that is Macedonian, Petrushevska said at today's protest against the French proposal, which is being held under the motto "Ultimate - NO thanks".

"No one can negotiate about our identity, the Macedonian language is our fortress. We are at war with the Macedonian language. We are a great people, we are just disadvantaged. That's why I'm here today and even the rain, weather and thunderstorms didn't stop me. This is a fight for us, for the Macedonians and for our language," Petrushevska told the gathered citizens.

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