VIDEO INTERVIEW | Zhezhov: Patients after an injury put cabbage to reduce swelling, instead of consulting a physiotherapist

Ilija Zhezhov/photo: Sloboden Pechat - Printscreen

Winter is coming, and with it winter sports, but also the inevitable movement in winter conditions. Sometimes simply walking to the store in snowy and icy conditions can be dangerous, causing us to fall and injure ourselves. Winter sports are full of risks, so it is important to know how to behave in order to avoid injury.

Winter sports can cause sprains and fractures. With physiotherapist Ilija Zhezhov in the morning show Free Press on Slobodna TV we talked about how physiotherapy works on the treatment of an injury that occurred in winter conditions. He says that it is not uncommon for people to heal themselves.

- After an injury, sometimes people do something on their own to reduce the pain, instead of immediately going to a doctor or physiotherapist. For example, not infrequently patients will share that they put cabbage on the injury to reduce the swelling, it is an old healing method practiced by our ancestors. Today, modern medicine brings a more sophisticated way of treatment, Zhezhov said.

We asked him which parts of the body are most often injured during winter sports and how the technique to be applied to the patient is determined.

– When patients come to our office, the first thing we do is a therapeutic examination, in order to see if there is a minimal injury or a fracture. In the beginning, it is best to do four to five massages that will help the pain go away so that the patient can move normally, and after a short time return to sports, but if it is a more serious injury, we forbid them to play sports, he says Zhezhov.

You can watch the entire interview with Ilija Zhezhov below:

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