VIDEO INTERVIEW | Vojce Kitanovski: You bought a ticket, and we will arrange for you to perform

Vojce Kitanoski - satirist / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

There is no more serious business than humor and satire, and it is very difficult to write a piece of humor that will survive the passage of time and appeal to the majority of people. It is nice and useful for a person to smile for 15 minutes and walk for 30 minutes every day.

- It is nice to be an interlocutor today alongside a large number of humorists and satirists.

The thoughts of politicians.

- To everyone who deals with humor or is funny and humorous. This year I am celebrating or marking 45 years of my work as a humorist and satirist on the show. Personally, I am very proud of this jubilee, which was mostly humor and satire, and from my art I can live as a freelance artist. An interesting year for me is 1978 when the gates opened, I was accepted by the audience and thanks to the first successful performances I decided to do what we are talking about today. This was pointed out by humorist Vojce Kitanovski in the Utrinski Pechat show on Slobodna TV.

For the artist, it is essential that the audience loves him and seeks him, and if the humorist is not good, every audience will leave the show.

- My beginnings are from the time when I was a student at the Faculty of Forestry where I regularly tell funny texts, jokes or jokes with my roommates and friends and my talent for performance comes to light. During that period in the student dormitories. a cultural and artistic program called "Blue Evening" is regularly prepared. At these evenings I participated with my own performances and texts at the suggestion of colleagues who listened to my performances of certain jokes. Quite by chance, that's how the first anecdote happened with me. Namely, the organizers of that Blue evening told me "you buy a ticket to enter, and we will arrange for you to perform" - noted comedian Kitanovski.

Youth is an advantage when starting a career, and a career with humor and satire is a beautiful and dangerous life, because you don't know who will laugh and who will be laughed at.

- My youth is connected with imitating the sports commentators of that time, such as Mladen Delic from Croatia, Nikola Soldatov and Ivko Pangovski from Macedonia and the music host Gjoko Georgiev. The audience accepted this and was delighted. As a country, we had highly developed sports and sports results. Personally, I followed a lot of sports events and especially noticed slips of the sports commentators. In this way I had a solid repertoire that was made as a play as a performance that I performed in front of an audience. My performances were in Macedonian and Serbo-Croatian languages, which allowed me to perform in the entire country of Yugoslavia at the time, together with other pop artists, and above all singers, noted humorist Vojce Kitanovski.

After the breakup of Yugoslavia, everything changed and so did the humor.

-After the 90s, unfortunately, everything changed. First of all, I am sorry that the country was disintegrated in such a way with war and great human losses and material damage. If we already had to separate, it could have been done differently and like in other countries with a peaceful separation. Many years passed, contacts were lost and the time that had gone could not be returned. New generations came, new understandings and everything has changed with new styles in humor - said Vojce Kitanovski.

Time has brought a new kind of humor, but the fact is that there are writers whose works are still read today and when performed have their own audience, even though they were written 100 years ago.

- To those who wrote humor 100 years ago, that is, in the distant past, I congratulate them and I am proud of that, because at some point they were my inspiration. The children's magazines of the 60's contributed to my love of humor, because in those magazines I first read jokes for children. Personally, I read such magazines a lot and I fell in love with the writer Branko Kopić because of the texts that were published in them. Qopic is the writer of my childhood, and Momo Kapor is the writer of my youth. From the Macedonian authors, I am very grateful for the writings of Ivan Karadak and Boško Smaćoski, - noted humorist Vojce Kitanovski

Humor is a good tool for a nice and positive mood in adults, and especially for children.

- Walking for 30 minutes and laughing for 15 minutes a day should be applied by everyone. I have no ambition to be an adviser in the Ministry of Education, but I want to tell an example from the rich experience of raising children in Israel. The students who attended a comedy show, and then took a test in a certain subject, showed 50% better results compared to tests when they did not go to a show, - noted comedian Vojche Kitanovski.

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