VIDEO INTERVIEW | Vasko Naumovski: The leaders should agree on how the EU will guarantee the constitutional amendments

Vasko Naumovski - professor / Photo: Free Press - Dragan Mitreski

This year, unlike previous years, we have a more tense atmosphere when it comes to celebrating the birthday of the Macedonian revolutionary Gotse Delchev. If we were to look back and compare how these dates were celebrated in the past, we can conclude that this year we have announcements for a large number of people who plan to travel from Bulgaria. Anyone who wants to pay respect in a dignified way to our great Gotse Delchev, I think should be given the opportunity. The main challenge here for the Macedonian authorities is to prevent new provocations, such as we had on several occasions recently. Be careful that the politicians who come here do not try to abuse our hospitality, all in order to gain greater political points at home in the run-up to the elections - emphasized the university professor and former vice-prime minister for European integration. Vasko Naumovski during the guest appearance in the show "Morning Press".

- It is good that in the past few days there was a certain activity of the two ministries of interior affairs and the two secret services. According to what I have as information, there were also some encouragements from the other allied countries not to allow two NATO member countries to enter into some kind of conflict, and from there I believe that our institutions will do everything to make tomorrow's celebration pass in the best order - he says Naumovsky.

In the show, Professor Naumovski commented on the views of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE regarding the inclusion of the Bulgarian people in the Constitution as a condition for our continuation on the European path, but also the fears of new blockades from Sofia on the way to the EU.

- In the opposition, there is no obstacle or so-called opposition. the smaller ethnic communities, Bulgarian, Croatian and others, to enter the Constitution. However, the problem is that we have no guarantee that Bulgaria or another EU member state will not block us during the negotiations. A broad, primarily social but also political dialogue between all stakeholders in the country is necessary, which will consider all the options and scenarios that would arise with the possible constitutional amendments. It is simply necessary for the politicians from both the government and the opposition to sit down and discuss such important issues and come to a conclusion as to what could enable the progress of the country. Is it some kind of document from a European institution, a declaration or a resolution that would guarantee our progress and at the same time be acceptable as a good basis for the opposition to agree on the inclusion of Bulgarians in the Constitution of the country? the options that need to be discussed and thought about - Naumovski explained.

The former Vice Prime Minister for European Integration, Vasko Naumovski, also spoke on the show about the reform process of the institutions in relation to the screening process. He also talked about the fight against the corruption of the country's institutions, but also about why Bulgaria was rejected by the EU to become a member of the Schengen zone.

See more of the conversation with Vasko Naumovski in the video below.

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