VIDEO INTERVIEW | Stojanov: Young people are emigrating en masse, we have no data on how many have left for Croatia

Goran Stojanovski - Mayor of Negotino / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

There are about 800 applications from young people for work in Croatia from the municipality of Negotino. Although the city has a Free Economic Zone among the first, there is not a single factory in it. The population is constantly moving out, part of it in Skopje, but a large part also from the borders of the country. About the problems in the city, about what the municipality can offer the people of Negotino, but also about the lack of manpower in small businesses, we talked with the mayor of Negotino, Dr. Goran Stojanov, in "Utrinski Pechat" on Slobodna TV.

- Although we are located in Central Macedonia with excellent roads, with rail access to everywhere, unfortunately there are no factories and companies that work. At the time of the transition, there were the factory for cables, for confectionery products, a canning factory, and the "Povardarie" wine cellar. Then Negotino lived and the citizens had a motive to stay and work here. Now everything is closed - says Stojanov.

He explains that as a mayor who has been in office for a year and a half, together with the municipal council, they made a decision to release potential investors from part of their obligations such as utilities or taxes in order to create new jobs.

- As a municipality, we do not have data on how many young people have left. All we know is from the people we talk to. But it is a trend not only in Negotino but also in many other cities. But the number of children enrolled in first grade is decreasing year by year. Of the planned 110 children last year, only 80 were enrolled in one school. The secondary school was reduced from two shifts to only one shift - says Stojanov.

They work intensively on the development of tourism. They made a wine room for tourists, there is a billboard at the entrance to the city to inform tourists who transit through Macedonia, offer wine tourism and hope for development.

– Municipality of Nagotino was the first to start developing the Free Economic Zones. But there is not a single factory yet. Now IGM has an obligation to build a factory by 2024 - says Stojanov.

We also talked with him about the health center in Negotino, about the lack of medical personnel, about the fact that the state should be involved in the development of the municipality and offer young people better conditions for life and work.

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