VIDEO INTERVIEW | Spasovski: There is no danger of the situation in Kosovo spilling over into the country, 9 criminal groups suppressed in five months

Visit of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Oliver Spasovski in "Utrinski Pechat" / Photo: Dragan Mitreski

Citizens can sleep peacefully, there is no danger of the situation in Kosovo spilling over into the country - said the Minister of Internal Affairs Oliver Spasovski in "Utrinski Pechat" on Slobodna TV.

- Regarding the situation in the country, I can say that it is peaceful and stable and there are no indications of its disturbance. However, the security structures and agencies are put in the absolute function of gathering information for analysis. The situation is being monitored vigilantly in order for this state of peace, stability and security of the country to remain so. I don't think we will have any problem in that part and the citizens can sleep peacefully - says Spasovski.

According to him, in relation to the security situation in the environment in the region, those developments which are the framework of the political relations in the country can be a serious indication of a breach of security in the country and always the instability in the region in one of the countries should raise the alarm so that we all work together. dedicated to preserving peace and stability.

- One of the foundations of progress in the region is security. If we want to have an economically developed region, we should first focus on security. As for the security of the entire region, I think that we should do everything together with our strategic partners and be countries that can export peace and stability instead of countries that will constantly be under observation - says Spasovski

Regarding bomb threats to schools and shopping malls, he says they are part of a hybrid war being waged in this region.

- Cyber ​​threats became more frequent after Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the intensity of the threats was seriously increased after this period. There were threats in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Germany, the United States, and New Zealand. We have been actively working on this in the Government, a special team was formed to create a strategy for dealing with these threats. The protocols followed by the Ministry of Interior have changed. All our activities bore fruit and the investigations we did brought results and people were brought to justice. There were cases from Skopje, Gostivar, Delchevo, Kavadarci - says Spasovski.

According to him, all cases have been processed and the investigation has been extended, and everyone who participated in such activities will have to bear responsibility.

- There were no reports of new planted bombs and the new protocols of the Ministry of Internal Affairs did not exclude the public from such access - says Spasovski.

Regarding organized crime, Spasovski says that the detection of organized criminal groups increased by 23,2% in 2022, and this year, 9 criminal groups were suppressed in just five months.

- We have suppressed a 10-member organized criminal group in the area of ​​SVR Tetovo, criminal charges have been filed for child exploitation and trafficking. We have an organized criminal group in the field of terrorism, with the arrest a few days ago of 3 people, 2 of whom are Macedonian citizens in the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia, and a Macedonian citizen in a coordinated action with France. At the same moment, all persons were arrested, as a group that was preparing terrorist acts. Furthermore, we have suppressed 7 criminal groups that deal in drug and weapon trade in the territory of SVR Skopje and SVR Shtip, which mostly trade in marijuana and cocaine. Here we have 38 Macedonian citizens, as well as the seizure of 210 kilograms of marijuana, 1,5 kilograms of cocaine. 429 kilograms of cocaine have been seized from two organized criminal groups on the territory of Albania and Greece in joint actions according to the information of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and joint teams that worked on these activities - said Spasovski.

In the part of suppression of organized criminal groups who operated in the field of illegal arms trade, Spasovski pointed out:

- We have discovered 60 crimes for arms trade, arrested 10 members of a polycriminal organized group, a total of 73 perpetrators have been criminally reported, seized 57 weapons, over 40 pieces of ammunition, 6.000 pieces of pyrotechnics. An organized criminal group was also broken up at a shooting range in Skopje, while 36.000 pieces of ammunition were taken - said Minister Spasovski, noting that the data for this period speak of really extensive activities.

In doing so, he highlighted the increased detection function in 2022.

In the interview we also talked about the smuggling of migrants, for the drug seizures, for the investigation that has been conducted since the grandson of Ljube Boskovski has disappeared, but also about his possible candidacy for the president of the country.

Watch the interview:

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