VIDEO INTERVIEW | Spasovski: Part of a hybrid war and scenario is the case in Ohrid, the batterers and the battered are from the same group

Oliver Spasovski - Minister of Internal Affairs / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" - Dragan Mitreski

Part of the hybrid war against North Macedonia is also the latest case in Ohrid, with the beating of Hristijan Pendikov, secretary of the Bulgarian cultural club, due to which the fragile Macedonian-Bulgarian relations have been damaged these days, the Minister of Internal Affairs Oliver Spasovski was decisive in his appearance on the show "Morning stamp".

- People from the same group are those who beat and those who are beaten. That proves that hybrid warfare. Every incriminating action taken by the state reacts in this section and we say that at no time, no citizen, regardless of national, religious, political or any other affiliation, can be physically attacked and mistreated. The state will clearly oppose that and will take the same measures as it is taking in this case. Although they are trying to tell us that the state does not take measures for some category of citizens, that it does not conduct efficient investigations, which is not true, said Spasovski.

Spasovski emphasizes that the latest developments are part of a larger scenario, behind which stand certain irresponsible politicians who do not want to have good relations in the region.

- They do it because of the interests they have, political, geostrategic, and to show that here the state does not respect its citizens, which is absolutely not true. The state not only did not commit these crimes, it is standing up here, conducting an investigation, the court system, etc., everything has been put into operation, emphasizes the minister.

He also referred to the fake news that circulated in connection with the Pendikov case, which fueled tensions between the two countries.

-A lot of fake news is spreading in this part. The police did not react even though it was reported, the health department did not react, which is not true. Immediately after the report, after the information, the Macedonian policemen went to the hospital to see what was happening, to take a statement, the initial statements were made. In the hospital centers, in the General Hospital, measures have been taken, from the initial care of the patient and departure to St. Erasmus of Ohrid. The Macedonian public must know this so that we are not manipulated due to lack of information, for no other reason, Spasovski is decisive and adds that all these manipulations that are done from outside and inside the country have a specific purpose.

- No one has absolutely the right to think that the disruption of the state's relations with another state, the disruption of inter-ethnic relations within the state, inter-confessional relations, and even if you like inter-political relations within the state, will not contribute to us as politicians and to the political subjects. point. It is a very short-term policy, there is no policy that will not bring prosperity in the long term, continued Spasovski.

The fact that the injured Pendikov was expressly transferred to Bulgaria for treatment is also part of a contrived scenario.

- Of course, this is the creation of a scenario, with which one wants to show an alleged care, and the same and better can be obtained in the institutions of RSM. We will do our part. We must not succumb to provocations from any side that will disrupt our interstate relationship, which will disrupt our path to the EU. Although I think that the state must seriously react and respond to every provocation and insult to the Macedonian people and the Macedonian state, said Spasovski.

There are elements in the country that did not want us to be members of NATO and now they do not want us to be in the EU, Minister Spasovski is decisive.

Spasovski: We are a people with patience, but we will not allow someone to come and humiliate us

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