VIDEO INTERVIEW | Sotirovski: There must be "One society for all", we all share similar values

Darian Sotirovski, director of the Commission for Relations between Religious Communities / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

To the extent that you guarantee human rights, you allow the opportunity for someone to abuse them. Practically, someone through the veil of human rights can get inside. Otherwise, the authority for religious entities is the civil court in Skopje, said Darian Sotirovski, director of the commission for relations with religious communities and religious groups.

He believes that so far in his mandate there has been no case of favoring one faith at the expense of another.

"Each thinks that the other is favored and that he is in a better position. But if you look at them from the side, you are aware that practically all of them feel similar problems. And we try not to have misunderstandings in that sense, more or less successfully, but there are satisfactory relations. The past decade has always been a slight progress that is visible. Last year we successfully formed the first friendship group between these two subjects. With an emphasis on the young generation of religious ministers, because that's where the future is. "The young generation of religious officials should work with the people tomorrow," emphasized Sotirovski.

He added that it would be disastrous for a religious official of one faith not to have the phone number of a priest of another faith.

"On the field, the quantity of religious temples is noticeable, instead of quality, i.e. full temples." I know of several cases where the local population pressures their religious community to build a religious temple, that decision falls from top to bottom on the ground. When we talk about ethnicity, we have inter- and intra-religious relations in one ethnicity. As for the Macedonian people, they are predominantly Orthodox, but we also have Macedonians who are of the Catholic and Islamic faiths, of the Protestant faith, they are no less Macedonians", pointed out Sotirovski.

"On the issue of "One society for all", I think that no matter how much it has become a platitude that someone abuses in public discourse, it is not a question of whether it is possible to have it, but whether it must be. I think it must, not because someone imposed it on us, but because it is a need for all of us who live. We have to understand that we share similar values, I don't say the same on purpose, because the culture has colored some shade of diversity", explained Sotirovski.

In an interview with Sloboden Pechat, he concluded that those of us who live in this climate here are the closest to each other.


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