VIDEO INTERVIEW with Nikolce Babovski: 87.000 kilograms of food have been destroyed so far, inspectors are checking the cold stores

Nikolce Babovski - Director of AHV / Photo: Free Press - Dragan Mitreski

At a time of high electricity prices, when more and more citizens publicly express their fear about whether food is stored in appropriate conditions, the Food and Veterinary Agency says that they are aware of the potential danger, which is why inspectors have received an order for controls on the cold food storage system.

- So far, there have been two reports from the citizens - one was found to be unfounded, the other case is currently being checked - says the director of the Food and Veterinary Agency, Nikolce Babovski.

He clarifies that in addition to the high input costs of food, the controls did not show a large amount of unsafe or inappropriately labeled food. In the period of 8 months, 87.000 kilograms of unsafe food were destroyed and there were 6 criminal charges.

- The agency is in the field every day, regular inspections are carried out, there are extraordinary controls, as well as controls after reports. From the beginning of this year until August, we have 30.105 inspections of all kinds, and we have found certain inconsistencies. For which 2.806 decisions have been issued against several entities, of which 55 are misdemeanor charges, 6 are criminal charges, other cases are closed by helping citizens to protect their rights, or to educate economic operators - he said in the conversation for "Sloboden Pechat" the head of the Food and Veterinary Agency.

As he explains, the inspection services in the past period destroyed 87.000 kilograms of unsafe food, of which 73.920 kilograms are food of non-animal origin and 9.872 kilograms are food of animal origin - adds Babovski, who at the same time calls on citizens to be careful about what food they buy , where it is stored and whether the expiration date has been observed.

Regarding the swine fever, Babovski called on livestock farmers to behave responsibly. He said that out of 150.000 pigs so far, measures against swine fever have covered about 3.300 pigs.

- If 2 percent of pigs are destroyed, 98 percent are saved, such a step is worth the effort - Babovski points out.

You can watch the whole conversation in the video:

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