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VIDEO | Interview with Dr. Aspazija Sofijanova: I believe that for children, the vaccine vaccine will be included in the standard immunization calendar

Dr. Aspazija Sofijanova, director of the Clinic for Children's Diseases in an interview with "Free Press" reveals that the vaccine against covidium will become part of the calendar for standard immunization for children.

Although currently only being tested in the United States and Britain to see the effect of the vaccine on children aged 12 to 16, According to Dr. Sofijanova, it is quite certain that in order to avoid serious consequences of coyote in the youngest, the covidium vaccine will be part of the standard immunization in children, as well as its performance will be improved.

- I am involved in the European Academy of Pediatrics, to form an opinion on the Balkans together with my colleague Milivoj Novak from Croatia and we are debating those topics. More or less because of the clinical picture, most children are not vaccinated. However, let's not bewitch, but child mortality in Macedonia is zero. And in other countries it is placed on the number of a child who has additional comorbidity. Therefore, preference is given to the age category that suffers and is mainly over 40 years old. They are given preference. There is the latest multidisciplinary study from Britain and the United States, which covers children aged 12 to 16. I believe that they too will start receiving the vaccine. And for those under 12, it will be something that will happen next year, but I do not believe that children will be spared. I believe that we will also include the vaccine vaccine in the standard immunization calendar. Improving the quality of vaccines will also reduce the age limit for giving the vaccine. I believe that soon the corona vaccine will enter the standard immunization in children, so that we do not allow adults to suffer as it happens now, says Dr. Sofijanova in an interview with "Free Press".

Since the beginning of the pandemic, she has been actively involved in the treatment of the youngest at the Children's Clinic, she passed the coronavirus without consequences and "on foot" through the corridors of the Children's Clinic, helping the youngest patients.

-Yes, I passed the coffin on my feet, because in the period when the pandemic started a year and a half ago, I ran the emergency center where the tests were performed and I ran it first. I was the first to stay 48 hours with a child suspected of coyote. However, this child was in a very difficult situation. I stayed inside for a long time, I was not scared. The child was not a positive coyote, but my desire to help and get him out of the critical situation was far greater than wondering if I would get sick. Either you are born with such a premise or you do not carry that moment in you, says Dr. Sofijanova.

However, in medical practice, Dr. Sofijanova is decisive - covid in children creates later complications, only after they pass the virus and become negative on the PCR test. According to Dr. Sofijanova, the high antibodies they have in the body after transfusion make multisystem dramatic problems.

-Children suffer much more in the post covid phase. We saw such children in a series in November, where two or three children came in very difficult condition. They were not PCR positive, but they have a high antibody titer which causes them terrible complications. And we thought the virus had passed the children, but it did not turn out that way. It turned out that the post-covid conditions of children with high antibody titers, affecting the gastrointestinal tract, appendix, heart and brain, turned out to be much more frightening and we have seen two such post-covid conditions. One was on supportive therapy even though he was only three years old, and that therapy is now given to adults in severe cases. The child came in an extremely severe condition with anemia, with a rapid pulse, had to receive oxygen concentrate. Which means that the phase that the child went through post-Kovid is much more dramatic than what his parents went through, said Dr. Sofijanova.

There were 8 children who as a consequence of coyote had myocarditis, heart attack with tachycardia, arrhythmia.

See the whole conversation below.

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