VIDEO INTERVIEW Snezhana Stojchevska: In the 80s we underestimated peace, and now the fear of war is real

Snezhana Stojchevska, guest in "Utrinski Pechat" / Photo: Sloboden Pechat

As a child, I didn't like the games in which war was called, but I forgot in my wishes to wish for peace, Macedonian poet Snezhana Stojchevska, who was a guest in "Utrinski Pechat" today, writes in her latest poetry collection "Empty Space".

- Now the fear is more real, because it is as if we are already entering the third world war. First was the covid-19 pandemic, and then the energy crisis, as if we are constantly going from crisis to crisis, and the world is moving in the unwanted path. There is less and less sense of the common good, and more and more it is a fight for vanity, in which just one touch of the button can mean the end of the world - says Stojchevska.

In the poem "Skopje grade moj mil", she describes the magnetic attraction of her native branch, although she is aware that more and more people from Skopje, as well as from other cities of the Republic of Macedonia, are rapidly moving out.

- Skopje needs culture. The city breathes mostly through cultural events. And the whole culture should not be concentrated in the capital, because then other cities will focus entirely on Skopje - adds Stojchevska.

Watch the entire interview with the poet at the following link:

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