VIDEO INTERVIEW Sinisha Pekevski: The current government is copying the rule of Nikola Gruevski

What was negative at the time when Nikola Gruevski ruled, the current government is trying to copy, said analyst Nikola Pekevski in his guest appearance in "Utrinski Pechat", where he commented on the proposed amendments to the Law on Audio-Visual Services.

- Copied by the current government, from the time when Nikola Gruevski and Emil Domitriev were prime ministers, is the adoption of the new budget, which is again higher than the previous one. Which means that they are just continuing the same policy and the only goal, proving that the opposition parties at the time had the only goal of grabbing power. The media should be supported, but instead of television, help should be given to the printed media, because reading is a culture of living - added Pekevski.

He also spoke about the futile attempts of the government in the fight against corruption, about the current rating of political parties, but he was also very critical of the current mayor of Skopje, Danela Arsovska.

Watch the entire interview of Sinisha Pekevski at the following link:

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