VIDEO INTERVIEW | Skrielj: The emotional reaction of people who demand the death penalty is understandable, but we should stay within the framework of the legal system

Sanela Shkrielj, MP from SDSM/Photo: Sloboden Pechat

"The emotional reaction of people in such cases, when it comes to children, is understandable. It is a natural and emotional reaction to demand the harshest punishment. It is unimaginable how someone can think and not do and kill a child. It's an emotional reaction, but let's stay within the framework of what the legal system means" said MP from SDSM, Sanela Shkrielj, when asked about the citizens' initiatives to introduce the death penalty in the morning program of "Sloboden Pechat" in cooperation with "". .

She added that since the initial announcement, the prison sentence for the crimes the suspects are charged with is up to life in prison.

"It is important in these moments to try to stick to what is meant by a civilized legal order and not cause the axis of violence to spread." In such situations, it is easy to incite violence and that speaks of serious problems," Shkrielj said.

The MP added that we should turn to education for interpersonal and non-violent relationships and that this should start from preschool age.

"There needs to be punishments for those who violate the acts, to have consistency. Let's have procedures that don't last infinitely long, let's have a good qualification of the crimes by the Public Prosecutor's Office and court verdicts that correspond to the crime that was committed," Shkrielj said.

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