VIDEO INTERVIEW | Shaqiri: In order for the students to eat healthy, they will receive the money for a meal on a weekly basis

Jeton Shaqiri - Minister of Education / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Metodi Zdravev

The student meal in the country is paid on a daily basis, 140 denars every day, but from January it will be paid on a weekly basis and the students will receive 840 denars each, Minister of Education Jeton Shaqiri announced in the morning program Free Press on Free TV.

- As a country, we previously did not have a subsidized meal for students. When the meal was introduced, it was 120 denars, now it is 140 denars. This daily payment system was a proposal of all the student organizations and was accepted by them. The meal is intended to cover part of the food costs. The solution to pay once a week is to eat healthy, to buy food on Monday for the whole week - says Shaqiri.

He explains that in the last week the discussions with the student organizations are that the money was not used for food purposes.

- That's why we go to pay off at once, to receive money once a week and to shop for the whole week. There will be control where there are misuses of money and where and how the funds were used. The funds are not small - says the minister.

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In the show, we also talked about the scholarships, about their payment, which he announced for the end of January, but also about textbooks and the PISA test, which showed that children are almost illiterate in the country.

Watch the entire interview with Minister of Education Jeton Shaqiri below:

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