VIDEO INTERVIEW | Shaqiri: In "J.H.Pestaloci" work is normal, psychologists work with Vanja's class

Jeton Shaqiri - Minister of Education / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Metodi Zdravev

The murder of little Vanja Gjorchevska shook the public for several days. We are still waiting for answers to the questions of who failed the family, the state or the system. There is panic and silence in the schools, but also speculation as to who is to blame. In private schools, psychologists asked both parents to answer how each child views the murder and how they survive the whole situation. Does the Ministry of Education have recommendations for public schools on how to act in such a situation? Answer in the morning program Free Press on Slobodna TV we asked the Minister of Education Jeton Shaqiri.

- I was in contact with the "J.H. Pestaloci" school, where the murdered Vanja Gjorchevska studied two days ago. The fact that the class reacts immediately that Vanya did not come to school is to be welcomed. Currently, in the same school, teaching continues, work continues normally in the girl's class, a whole team of psychologists and pedagogues participate in the whole process - says Shaqiri.

The fact that the class teacher immediately reported that Vanya did not show up at school should be an example of how to cooperate with parents, how to communicate between parents, teachers and children when someone does not show up at school.

-Some schools asked for professional help so that they could handle the whole situation in the right way. With all the professional services, we had trainings during the summer in which parents and the professional service were involved. But it does not mean that only professional services should react. The teachers are here, but also the family and, of course, professional services. Teachers should constantly be in communication with parents - says Shaqiri.

According to him, in "J.H. Pestaloci" there is good communication between the services in the school, the teachers and the children, as well as the director in the direction of solving current problems.

- The case with Vanja should be an example that communication is key for a quick reaction - says the minister.

When asked if there was an attempted kidnapping in Karbinci, Shaqiri says that one should not take any news as true.

- Such was the reaction to the kidnapping in Stip, I believe only in official information. The student reported it, but it turned out to be the complete opposite - says Shaqiri.

Watch the entire interview with Minister of Education Jeton Shaqiri below:

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