VIDEO INTERVIEW | Senich: There is no cure for HIV/AIDS, but the mission is to reach 2030% of new infections by 0

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With a campaign and humanitarian party entitled "Cure for HIV" in "Soma", the World HIV/AIDS Day will be marked today. A cure for this virus has not yet been found, but more recently, people infected with this virus can live healthy, long, productive lives through appropriate therapy.
A global political goal of all countries at the level of the United Nations is to reach zero percent of new infections by 2030 through the measures taken to control the epidemic.

Andrej Senich, executive director of the "Stronger Together" association, as a guest on the morning show Free Press on Slobodna TV, said that the quality of life of the 506 living registered HIV-positive people in our country is solid, but it could be much better.

- As soon as a person with HIV receives his diagnosis, both in the world and in our country, he can immediately start treatment. It is a tablet therapy, antiviral. It prevents the virus from multiplying and suppresses it to a so-called non-detectable amount of virus in the blood, which means that it is almost not in the circulation, thus it cannot be transmitted, says Senich.

HIV-positive people receiving therapy can have children, without any risk to the partner and the child.

- The baby can be infected only if the mother is HIV-positive, there is no way to get infected from the father. If the father is positive and is undergoing therapy, there is no way to pass it on to his partner, explains Senich.

He appealed to women to be tested no later than the first three months of pregnancy, because if the virus is detected in the first stage of pregnancy, therapy can suppress its spread and reach the so-called undetectable amount, thus preventing transmission of the virus to the baby.

Watch the entire interview with Andrej Senich, executive director of the "Together Stronger" association below:

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