VIDEO INTERVIEW | Risto Nikovski: Blackmail for changing the Constitution is not a guarantee for our entry into the EU

Risto Nikovski - analyst / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" - Dragan Mitreski

Macedonia should in no case accept changing its Constitution, at least not now under these conditions that are being served to us today. It would be possible to do that after the country would first enter the EU and in the future Macedonia would become some kind of short-term or medium-term project of the Union. Then one could think about changing the Constitution and modifying it. Until then, changing the highest legal act will contribute to the Macedonian state ending up in the form that we are familiar with these days. This, among other things, was emphasized by the career diplomat Risto Nikovski during his guest appearance in the "Morning Press" show. Nikovski stressed that the first thing that should be done at this moment is to make radical changes in the conduct of foreign policy, which, according to him, is disastrous for the Macedonian people and is leading the country into the abyss.

- There is no doubt that the pressure from the international community to change the Constitution will grow in the coming period. High Western leaders will repeat this wish of theirs on the one hand and our politicians will remain silent on the other hand. Although all this international commitment is directed by certain centers of power, blackmail to change the Constitution is not a guarantee for our entry into the EU. Changing the Constitution is not a technical issue, as some of the foreign officials like to say these days in their statements, but there is a deeper, serious reason why we must not allow the Constitution to be changed - said Nikovski.

The analyst Nikovski, answering the question whether the opposition VMRO-DPMNE is currently secretly negotiating with DUI on the constitutional amendments, pointed out that the most significant at the moment, how and in which direction the political scene will develop, are exactly the steps that will be taken by the so-called "fire group"

- At the moment, I am not informed if there are any talks between the parties in Macedonia about rounding up the number in the Parliament with the aim of changing the Constitution. However, the most significant thing on the political scene at this moment is what is happening in the Albanian bloc, etc. "fire group". I think that DUI is definitely a broken party and the question is how it will all be legalized. It is similar with the rest of the Albanian block of currencies. In that direction, my basic opinion is that in the period that follows, a new, more serious core of the Albanian opposition will be formed, which could later in the next elections form a coalition with VMRO - DPMNE. These are my initial expectations for the next election, whenever it happens. All indicators say that VMRO-DPMNE will still win the elections and will have to form a coalition with an Albanian party, which I would like to point out that all of them, without exception, share a common position, which is that there should be constitutional changes - summarized Nikovski.

Former ambassador Risto Nikovski also spoke about the initiative to delete the phrase "20 percent" from the Constitution and replace it with the term "Albanian language". To what extent does this initiative go beyond the framework of the Ohrid framework agreement, for the European front and other issues from the domestic and international political scene.

See more of the conversation in the video below.

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