VIDEO-INTERVIEW: Ribaroski: There is construction expansion, and the surveyors have no work, our Serbian colleagues are surprised

Nikola Ribaroski, president of the Chamber of Commerce for Geodetic Works/Photo: Free Press

Most of the private companies that deal with geodetic work are on the verge of survival, even though residential buildings are springing up in Macedonia every day and there are public infrastructure projects. According to the president of the Chamber of Trade Companies for Geodetic Works, Nikola Ribaroski, this is due to the disastrous policies in this sector.

– For certain objects that are built in the public interest, the law prescribes that the State Cadastre shall carry out the works. Now imagine, you have a private sector in one activity, and the state sector is its competition. As for the construction of buildings, engineering geodesy is nowhere regulated by law, although attempts are made to prescribe it, but the way it is done by the Cadastre Agency is unacceptable to us. We demand that the draft laws from our sphere be returned and that we, as a Chamber, be involved in their creation - Ribaroski said in an interview with "Slobodna TV".

He says that their colleagues from Serbia could not understand how the companies for geodetic works in Macedonia are in crisis.

- During my recent visit to the related chamber in Belgrade, I would like to quote our colleague, the owner of a large company there, who said that regardless of global problems, there is no crisis in geodesy in Serbia. When I said that the surveying sector in Macedonia is in crisis, she looked at me strangely and asked me: "Well, is everything built in your place that you don't have a job?" - says Ribaroski.

Ribaroski recently brought up the problem with the increased prices that the Cadastre Agency charges to them, and they, in turn, cannot increase the prices prescribed in the 2014 Tariff.

- In 2019, the Chamber formed a working group and compiled a new tariff list, which was submitted to the Agency. Until today, that tariff has not seen the light of day, under the pretext that it was not prepared according to methodology. Two months ago, we again called the Agency to give its representatives to the working group, to see what is disputed in that methodology and to adopt a new tariff - says Ribaroski.

Yesterday, the director of Cadastre, Boris Tundzhev, held a press conference, where Ribaroski also tried to enter, but was thrown out by security. We also asked him why he made that intrusion, couldn't he arrange a meeting with the director?

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