VIDEO INTERVIEW | Ranko Petrović: "Golden ladybug" has a mandate to be able to speak against the actions of the government

Ranko Petrović/photo Sloboden Pechat/Metodij Zdraev

The Macedonian audience is looking forward to it 27th edition on "Golden Ladybug of Popularity", which will be held on 22 February starting at 20 in the arena "Boris Trajkovski". This year, "Ladybug" in its typical, satirical way, announces that there will be for all visitors collective photography for passport and ID card, and of course it guarantees several hours of unforgettable fun for everyone who will be part of the most desired cultural event in Macedonia.
The man behind "Ladybug" for 27 years in a row, Ranko Petrovic, was a guest in the studio of Free Press and we talked about what visitors can expect this year and the process of the birth of the show that will bring together the best and biggest names from the culture and entertainment life in our country.

- My idea was always that the "Golden Ladybug of Popularity" would be an evening where the best of that year and the legends that have become over time would gather, and I always wanted to have a little mystery, that is, uncertainty among the viewers. And we succeeded in that, because it is very bad, for example, to watch a movie or read a book by Agatha Christie and at the beginning you know that the waiter is the murderer. That's why it's much better and friendlier to our viewers and audience, if they come and don't know what will happen, because only then will their emotions work in the right way and they will feel what we are preparing as artists.

Every year "Ladybug" gives a lifetime achievement award, which this time will go to our famous singer legend Dragan Mijalkovski.

- I can say that this year, like every other year, we have a lifetime achievement award, and this year it will be awarded to our musical legend Dragan Mijalkovski, who is celebrating 55 years since his first official appearance and 60 years since he first started singing as a child. He has a huge number of hits, collaborated with many of our famous composers such as Shpato, Kire Kostov, Vancho Dimitrov... and sang the most beautiful songs we all know. It will be a special part, very beautiful and emotional, with a revue orchestra with 50 musicians, so that we can capture the music that was played at that time for the listeners. It is technically a little more difficult, because the "Boris Trajkovski" hall is a sports hall, and we adapt it to be a concert, but also a little glamorous to leave the audience with something that will be remembered. We have few greats who are alive and well, Tose Proeski was the best, and before him Dragan Mijalkovski as a singing legend, when there was "celebrity culture" and people ran after him.

Those who have been following "Ladybug" for years, know that it is intended for those who really know how to enjoy the show, which will try and manage to keep them in the hall for more than three hours. Given the desire to pay attention to everyone and cover more social events, this year "Bubamara" will last three and a half hours.

- Life is not three seconds like the clips that are played on social networks. In order to experience some emotion, a process is needed, for them to come, to enter, to enjoy themselves, to feel that someone has worked hard for the entire organization and as spectators to know that they are on to something very big. "The Golden Lady" is the biggest event in culture, and if we reveal the script, it will be very different. It's one thing to watch Sashko Kotsev tell the joke, and it's another when the journalist writes "Sashko Kotsev said: return the visas", that's not read, that has to be experienced.
The security people sitting outside in front of the hall say that there are no people outside during the event, which means it's not boring and no one wants to go out. I will try to make it last three and a half hours this year, because that's how long it lasts, even if it goes on a bit, when you're already putting up a set of 50.000 euros and the cameras are ready, it doesn't matter if you go out half an hour earlier or if we're going to make a document for something that will go down in history.

Usually, Ranko does not want to reveal part of the script and the guests of "Ladybug", so he only announced an unforgettable show.

- For us, it is the biggest compliment when they say that Sashko Kotsev, Igor Djambazov or Tino and Atanas will appear at "Bubamara" this year, but we will leave it as uncertainty and just announce that they will enjoy it completely. By the way, Sashko Kotsev has been number one in our country for the last ten years, and we as a country need such people, as well as Tino and Atanas, their performances sell out in ten minutes, and there is no need to talk about Jambazov. And they are just one part of the play, the other three hundred and fifty people are in the background, someone plays, someone sings and so on, and we who are in the audience and applaud, are the biggest support for those who are on stage and receive awards. So "Golden Ladybug" is an evening where the audience is also part of the event and we are very glad that they support us. I would never write such a satire if we did not have the support of the audience. So, we have a mandate to be able to make satire, to be able to speak against some actions of the government, and they should not be in a journalistic form.

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