VIDEO INTERVIEW | Prof. Šapuric: We have good regulations in the environmental area, but we need to apply them

Zoran Shapuric - professor at American College / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" - Dragan Mitreski

The quality of modern living is conditioned by the quality of the environment and that is the condition for the population to be healthy.

- The quality of human life and health is conditioned by the ecological environment, sustainable development and human behavior in nature and society. This implies that in society we must pay attention to the quality of air, water and land. Then it implies the full inclusion of standards for ensuring against industrial pollution from waste discharge, non-pollution of water, air and soil. Regarding air pollution, first of all the capital Skopje is affected by numerous factors, namely the position of the Skopje basin, then there is overpopulation in the city and an increased presence of citizens as a result of the concentration of institutions in Skopje. Such a situation actually leads to an increase in air pollution with extremely harmful substances that directly affect human health. This was emphasized by Prof. Dr. Zoran Šapurić in today's show "Utrinski Pechat" on Slobodna TV.

By changing the legal regulation, it is possible to influence the long-term improvement of the conditions in the ecological environment in the interest of the citizens and their quality of life.

- Spatial planning, which does not respect some general rules and natural conditions, as well as the massive construction of buildings with the destruction of greenery and trees and with a lack of adequate infrastructure are a set of factors that affect the quality of life and can be changed by legal regulation. I believe that norms are needed in this sphere and certain procedures should be limited, such as the construction of facilities not only in the city center, but also in other municipalities. There are positive examples of the development of cities in the region that can be a good example for us, but it takes a lot of time.

The economic development of the municipalities is one of the important factors that improve the life of the population at the local level, and at the same time they are not forced to move to Skopje.

- More than 1/3 of the total population in the country lives in Skopje permanently and occasionally, and this is due to the lack of local development, where people would not need to move out. I believe that economic development at the local level is a key factor for improving people's lives, and if Macedonia had managed to maintain companies and create conditions for opening new production facilities, it would have achieved a correct distribution of the population. Today, Macedonian society is in a situation that requires stimulation in the opposite direction, which is the return of people to the local areas, that is, from Skopje in the direction of other municipalities. Apart from opening certain capacities in agriculture, which has potential, one can also think about the dispersion of some state institutions, agencies, administrations and directorates in order to show the determination of the state to have a policy of development of all local environments. Our legislation is to the greatest extent harmonized with the EU countries, but we do not have adequate application - says Professor Zoran Šapurić.

The whole conversation with Prof. see Dr. Zoran Šapurić in the video:

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