VIDEO INTERVIEW | Petlichkovski: 4 new HIV positives were discovered in October, including only one woman

Aleksandar Petlichkovski/Photo: Free Press

December XNUMXst, World AIDS Day. Aleksandar Petlichkovski, president of the Commission for Infectious Diseases in the show Free Press on Slobodna TV, he says that unlike ten years ago, the life of HIV-positive people in the country has improved a lot. There is therapy available, and people live completely normal lives.

- In October, 4 people were found to be HIV positive through testing, three of whom are men. According to the figures, there are 631 people registered in the country, 125 are deceased, the remaining 506 are alive. The number is not surprising. The tests are available, they go regularly together with the campaign, sometimes there are more registered, sometimes less depending on the number of tests - says Petlichkovski.

He emphasizes that the life of HIV-positive people in the country is very different today than ten years ago, because antiretroviral therapy is available and used today, it is very effective and in most cases it leads to the negation of the virus.

- The therapy eliminates the virus from the circulation and these people are not contagious to the environment and lead a normal life. There are 506 people living with this virus in the country, the country is handling AIDS well. When tested with symptoms, the disease is in an advanced stage. There is still a stigma around testing. The goal is for risk groups to have access to tests so that it is easier to detect positive ones and to start therapy on time - says Petlichkovski.

Watch the entire interview with the president of the Commission for Infectious Diseases Aleksandar Petlichkovski below: 

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