VIDEO INTERVIEW | Pavle Trajanov, MP: I expect early elections in October

Pavle Trajanov - politician / Photo: Free Press - Dragan Mitreski

The leader of the Democratic Union and member of the Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia, Pavle Trajanov, expressed doubt that the current government coalition will see the regular parliamentary elections scheduled for 2024, considering that it is possible to hold early elections as early as October.

- I am sure that neither SDSM nor DUI are ready to change the Constitution and go to elections. That will not happen, but SDSM is in a pre-election campaign, DUI is also in a pre-election campaign and estimates are that there will be early elections there in September or October at the latest. No matter that now they are trying to increase the parliamentary majority, which will also have negative reflections on the overall situation - said Trajanov during his guest appearance in "Utrinski Pechat".

Trajanov believes that it is unnecessary to expand the current government coalition, to which he himself belongs, with new parties.

- It is said that the party Alliance of Albanians will enter the coalition, which I consider unnecessary. 64 deputies are enough for the majority in the parliament to function, and with the entry of the Alliance into power, the dissatisfaction of the previous parties from the government coalition will increase and dissatisfaction will appear. We will wait for the development of events and see how things will unfold, and then we will reach a conclusion on whether to continue to be part of the government - added Trajanov, who also claims that the announced "coalition of European parties", which is expected to be led by SDSM and DUI will create a new and completely unnecessary division in our society.

The former minister of internal affairs believes that the deteriorating Bulgarian-Macedonian relations are the result, above all, of the policy of "kneeling" led by the minister of foreign affairs, Bujar Osmani. Trajanov is decisive in asserting that our leniency in relations with our eastern neighbor is no guarantee that relations will improve.

You can watch the entire interview with Pavle Trajanov at the following link:

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