VIDEO INTERVIEW | Orce Gjorgjievski: Institutions are sleeping, don't make a circus with air pollution in Kisela Voda

Orce Georgievski - Mayor of Kisela Voda / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" - Dragan Mitreski

The inspection services of the municipality of Kisela Voda act according to their powers when it comes to air pollution from industrial facilities in the municipality. However, acting outside the authority of the municipal services can also produce a criminal act for which someone can file a criminal complaint against you. In that context, I would like to point out that the Usje cement plant has an A-integrated permit, and from here the city of Skopje is responsible for its air pollution control, but I don't know why they are sleeping. The state environmental institutions are also sleeping. I neither tolerate her nor can I prohibit anything with work. I appeal not to move the ball and make an unnecessary circus with the air pollution in Kisela Voda and Skopje. This, among other things, was emphasized by the mayor of Kisela Voda municipality Orce Gjorgjievski during the guest appearance in the show "Morning Press". Mayor Gjorgjievski also referred to his relations with the mayor of Skopje Danela Arsovska.

- In the new year, we have official relations and relations with Mrs. Arsovska. And I can't say that in the new year I have obstructions from her, which was not the case in the past year. I believe that it is impermissible to block projects and ideas from any of the municipalities, and not especially from the mayor of Skopje, for projects for the development of the municipalities. However, I hope that the cooperation with Arsovska this year will be better than last year - pointed out Gjorgjievski briefly.

Gjorgjievski also spoke about the transparency of the municipality.

- Transparency and accountability of the municipality are one of the priorities of me and my team. Although I am not familiar with why the budget for this year and the final account for the last year have not yet been published on the website of the municipality, I hope that this will be done in the shortest period of time. At the same time, I want to emphasize that greater transparency is not achieved overnight. It is in this context that I want to point out that the municipality is currently working on its own new system that will enable greater digitization of municipal services - says Gjorgjievski.

The mayor of Kisela Voda, regarding whether there is corruption at the counters in the administration but also among the municipal workers, emphasized that he is not familiar with any example and at the same time emphasized that he encourages the citizens if they have such information to immediately inform the authorities.

- The accusations from yesterday's government in Kisela Voda municipality that citizens' money is being spent on party jobs are more than absurd, they are ridiculous and I categorically reject them. It is so because when I came to the position of mayor, I brought with me a team of people with whom I work and implement my plans and policies. These are not party people, but professionals who work according to the conditions in the municipality. For me and my work, there is no party, there is only the interest of the citizens - stressed the mayor Gjorgjievski.

Gjordjievski spoke about the budget of Kisela Voda municipality, where he emphasized that it is developed and that despite all the challenges they faced, it is in good financial condition.

- We have a development budget which, I must emphasize, is so large for the first time, on the other hand, we have a good financial condition despite all the challenges we faced last year and are still facing, such as the energy crisis, the economic crisis and so on. I believe that we are on the right path from a ruined municipality, you know Kisela voda was valid for many years for a municipality in which practically nothing was invested. We are well on our way to raise it to a higher level, a level that my fellow citizens deserve, that is, everyone gets humane conditions for life that they deserve in the 21st century, said Mayor Gjorgjievski.

During his visit, he indicated that he inherited the municipality with a debt of 3 million, but thanks to the team that cooperates with him and the household operation, it is in the final phase of clearing all debts.

- As mayor, I inherited the municipality with a debt of over 3 million. I must point out that we are in the final stage of preparations for the clearing of all debts, which speaks for the housekeeping of ours, mine and my team in the past period. On the other hand, you were witnesses last year and according to the plan, according to the proposal of the budget for this year, you can see that construction has never been done in Kisela Voda, but this year too it will be built through the development programs that we brought. I must emphasize that we do this together with the councilors, because without their support the mayor cannot fully function and realize his projects, he said.

Gjordjievski also reminded that as mayor he has no expenses and the savings from them were invested as an intervention in a kindergarten in Kisela Voda.

- When it comes to household work, last year I had 0 costs for the national team, today I came to the studio with my private vehicle, so everything that I promised to my fellow citizens a year ago, these are not some enormous costs, I'm talking about the national team , the fuel, the vehicle and so on, the cabinet expenses, which in the past were thousands of euros, are not a very serious item according to the budget. Here I will mention that we had an intervention in one of the kindergartens in Kisela Voda, the intervention in the kindergartens, i.e. bedding, new windows and the reconstruction of the kitchen, was done with the money that was saved from what was spent in the past as a national team, he added.

See more of the conversation with Gjorgjievski in the video below...

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