VIDEO INTERVIEW Orce Dančevski: Chess is the best game for our children

Orce Danchevski guest in Utrinski Pechat PHOTO: Printscreen

It was really difficult to convince the authorities to introduce chess into the educational system, says Orce Danchevski, according to whose program from this school year, chess is an optional subject in the first and second grade in elementary schools in Macedonia.

- We had the first attempt in 2011, when, following the recommendation of the EU, chess had to enter the educational process. And then an attempt was made to introduce chess into the sixth grade as part of the subject of physical education. But that turned out to be a bad decision. Last August, at the initiative of the Chess Federation of Macedonia, we contacted the Ministry of Education and to our great pleasure the program we sent was accepted. Although we had a short period, we still managed to organize and hold training for the teachers of the first and second grade, but with the possibility of chess continuing in the third and fourth - says Danchevski in Utrinski Pechat.

He is pleased that about 200 teachers have visited his course, but he is also aware that there is resistance among some of the teaching staff.

- There is research that reveals to us that children who had a lesson in chess instead of a lesson in mathematics, then had better results precisely in mathematics, compared to their peers who had that lesson more in the same subject. In the elementary school "Yahia Qemal", where I teach chess from the first to the sixth grade, experience shows us that children read better and calculate better after chess lessons - claims Danchevski.

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