VIDEO INTERVIEW | H.E. Jaroslav Ludva, Czech Ambassador and Dimitar Nikolovski, EUROTINK: The Macedonian-Bulgarian civil sector should fix the politicians

Photo Free Press / Dragan Mitreski

The Russian invasion of Ukraine changed even the priorities of the EU and the European presidency of the Czech Republic. Ukraine is high on the agenda, but that does not mean that other geopolitical regions are neglected, says H.E. Jaroslav Ludva, Czech ambassador in Skopje in a conversation with "Utrinski Pechat".

According to the Czech ambassador, the Western Balkans for the current president of the Union is always at the top of the list of Czech priorities.

With a dialogue between the civil sector between the Republic of North Macedonia and Bulgaria, we want to achieve a qualitative step that will be followed by the politicians of both countries.

The head of EUROTINK, Dimitar Nikolovski, says that there is a readiness of young people on both sides of the Macedonian-Bulgarian border to find a solution to overcome differences, without a desire to dominate others.

"It's a great thing that from those meetings it was understood that there is no desire to impose one truth on the other side, which is a good start for overcoming differences," says Nikolovski.

In the conversation, he also spoke about the bitter feeling among Macedonian citizens that great sacrifices have been made, especially after the French proposal, which leaves, he says, additional frustration and discomfort.

"There are also gaps in the communication of our politicians, who say that we are doing the reforms for the EU. No, we are doing the reforms for our own sake and to live in a better society, and then the valorization will come through the membership", evaluates the director of EUROTINK.

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