VIDEO INTERVIEW | Muric: Islam teaches us how to surrender to Allah with body and soul

Kadrija Murić/Photo: Metodi Zdravev

Free Press in support of religious communities in Macedonia. Whether you believe in yourself or in God, Allah, the son and the holy spirit, are guided by the Koran, the Bible or the Holy Scriptures, in the end you are still a human being who is part of a community. Orthodox, Muslim, Scientologist, Bektesh, Dervish, Evangelical, Catholic or Judaist. Everyone should build coexistence together and understand and accept each other.
"Free Press" will try to answer the questions of who glorifies God, who celebrates what, what he believes in, how he follows the faith, by getting to know the religions. The goal is to get to know ourselves, but also the neighbor, the friend, the acquaintance who is a member of another religious community or church. Through a series of ten episodes, we hope that we will contribute to getting to know each other better and realize in the end that we are all the same.

Kadrija Murić/Photo: Metodi Zdravev

Kadrija Murić is an imam at the Sandzak Mosque in Ljubos Skopje.. Even as a child when he went to religious instruction, his father had a great desire to enroll in a "Madrasa" - Secondary Islamic School. However, his father died, and he had an excellent teacher who today is "to blame" for him being devoted to the faith.

-Allah decreed that my father should move to the "other world", (died). I went to religious instruction and there was a hodja, who taught me, Avnia Dervishovski. He was very kind to us children, he was quite tolerant and when he taught us Islamic principles, what Islam is, what prayers are, he stroked us on the head with his gentle hand. It made a big impression on me and I told my mother that I want to be like this hodja. That's how I fulfilled my wish and the wish of my "thankful grandmother" who wanted me to enroll in an Islamic high school here in Skopje - says Murić.

Ojata explains that their religion is called Islam, which in translation means submission, devotion to Allah, and all teachings go in that direction for people to be more submissive, devoted.

- That way we are guided towards the Islamic postulates that make us better people, better neighbors and better parents. Islam teaches us to surrender body and soul, to surrender to Allah. We differ from other religions in that Islam is pure monotheism, which means belief in one god who has angels as his servants, who sent messengers to people to convey their faith - says the imam.

Mosque/Photo: Metodi Zdravev

The Qur'an is the last and final revelation of the human race, why the human race is referred to in 18 places in the Qur'an. The basic Islamic rites are 33 upon which rest all the rest. First of spiritual and material purity with 4 conditions. These are specific rituals that lead to spiritual and material purity.

- We have 5 prayers every day that start before sunrise, then Juman prayer at noon on Friday, there are two Eids, Kurban and Ramadan, Tarawiah which is worship, Jenaze Ramaz when someone dies - says Muric.

He says that it is necessary to cooperate with other religious communities, in various ceremonies.

- We have a nice cooperation with all religious communities, especially with Orthodoxy, which is our first neighbor. With us, God is unlimited in everything, there is no space, there is no time, there is no form, because he is omnipotent with all his names and attributes, he is the master of all the worlds of our souls and our living. He gives us freedom in spite of everything. Whoever wants to believe in God will have a beautiful life, which will not bear the consequences. Allah forgives and has kindness and love - says the imam.

Watch the entire interview of our colleague Agnesa Chavoli here:

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