VIDEO INTERVIEW | Mitko B. Panov: Gotse Delchev is an obstacle for North Macedonianism

Mitko B. Panov - historian / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" - Dragan Mitreski

History is not accidentally placed centrally in the two agreements with Greece and Bulgaria, because only its revision should problematize the Macedonian identity and create a new construct of the North Macedonian people, says the historian Mitko B. Panov from the Institute of National History in Skopje.

- That is why Gotse Delchev is under attack, it can be said that he is interfering with North Macedonianism. Gotse is the symbol of Macedonianism, i.e. of Macedonia, and it is precisely for those reasons that we strive together to honor him, but not only Gotse, but also all other historical figures who are connected with Macedonia, now they need to be given a new context, and with that in fact to show that the Macedonian nation was invented in Tito's Yugoslavia, some kind of artificial construct, with a history based on forgeries. Modern science completely denies that - said Panov in the Utrinski Pechat studio.

The historian believes that it is not appropriate to hold a joint celebration of historical figures, when one side does not recognize the other. He also pointed out that the Joint Commission for the History of Macedonia and Bulgaria gives exclusively the Bulgarian narrative in its recommendations.

- In its recommendations, the commission gave an exclusively Bulgarian context to the mission of Cyril and Methodius, not mentioning Macedonia anywhere, that they were born in Macedonia. So the Macedonian context is completely excluded, and only the Bulgarian view of history is given - adds Panov.

In the interview, he also gives a very exhaustive answer to the part of history that belongs to the state formed by King Tsamoil, as well as to seeing things from a different angle than the one we are used to seeing historical sources, which are typical of the development of science. during the 19th century.

The entire interview with Mitko B. You can see the panel at the following link:

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