VIDEO INTERVIEW | Mile Lefkov: Notary signatures are valid, VMRO-DPMNE will not vote to change the Constitution

Mile Lefkov - MP from VMRO DPMNE / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" - Dragan Mitreski

MP of VMRO-DPMNE, Mile Lefkov, claims that the notarial statements of his colleagues from the party are valid and that his party will not support the announced changes to the Macedonian Constitution, with which citizens of Bulgarian nationality are expected to be included in the highest legal act of Macedonia.

- We entered with a firm attitude and we will not back down. The notarial declarations were a certain symbolism, to confirm that we will not agree to change the Constitution. With this kind of humiliation if we start, we will get nowhere. If we go down this path, we will end up with endless negotiations with the European Union, and a path that might mean Bulgarianization and assimilation - said Lefkov in Utrinski Pechat.

Regarding the dispute with Bulgaria and the attitude of our government, he believes that Macedonians are exposed to daily humiliation by politicians from the eastern neighbor.

- The top of the state is leaking information that there are foreign countries, foreign agencies, foreign services that are involved, so we called them to publicly announce which foreign foundations, which foreign associations, which agencies we are talking about when we have a Bulgarian MEP coming. here in Macedonia you see how he behaves and spreads irredentist theses and humiliates the Macedonians. So the purpose of the existence of an independent and sovereign state and the purpose of the existence of the institutions is so that you as a citizen and I as a citizen are institutionally protected. When it comes to the institutionally protected, I am also talking about dignity, I am also talking about the protection of property, and the protection of human rights, that is, in every aspect. When you already have an organized state, it should take care of and protect the interests of its citizens - said Lefkov.

Lefkov believes that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not defend the interests of the Macedonian people.

- There is no question that we are asking the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or any institution to work towards escalation, on the contrary, we really need friendship, but we need sincere friendship. We do not need friendship to hide the failures of DUI and SDSM and to hide the failures of this Government. It is more than obvious and all people know that relations, especially disturbed relations, only benefit this government, which unfortunately works against the interests of its citizens and always tries to find some external secret unidentified enemies - said Lefkov.

You can watch the entire interview with Mile Lefkov for Utrinski Pechat at the following link:

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