VIDEO INTERVIEW | Metodi Hadji-Janev: Europe needs a policy of unity, otherwise it faces division

Metodi Hadji-Janev/ Photo Sloboden pechat

My participation in the "Jumbo Security Conference" –(Jumbo security conference) in Rome, Italy was aimed at discussing several current topics from the security sector in the EU, where at the same time emphasis was placed on the application of justice, European common security in politics, but also resistance to foreign influence in the Eurozone. This, among other things, was stated by Prof. Metodi Hadji-Janev in the program "Utrinski pechat" on Sloboda TV, pointing out that at the same conference in Italy it was concluded that Europe needs a policy of unity, as opposed to division.

 - The panel discussion emphasized that Europe needs security policy more than ever, if it wants to remain a key factor in geopolitics. All states have their own concepts and visions regarding migrations, energy and cyber security, but if the Union wants to keep this format, then it will have to find a common language of understanding and action - emphasized Hadji Janev.

The university professor clarified that the Union is facing a big challenge, stressing that extremism and radicalism throughout the Eurozone is on the rise.

– Extremism, radicalism, hybrid threats and illegal migration were the main points of discussion. It means that the economic and sociological stability is already also shaken, after the security somehow went into oblivion over the years in the past and the events in Ukraine further deepened these problems. All this indicates that the Eurozone needs a redefinition of its internal policies like never before in order to overcome the security challenges it has - pointed out Hadji Janev.

More from the conversation with Prof. Hadji - Janev, watch it in the video below...

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