VIDEO INTERVIEW | Metodi Hadji-Janev: China and Russia have no architecture to destabilize the Balkans through the Kosovo issue

Metodi Hadji Janev - professor / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

Conditions in the Balkans are generally highly centralized depending on the political leaders in the countries. In order to break up such an arrangement of things, it first of all depends on the key players, that is, the leaders themselves. Since at this moment they have no interest in having political security shocks in their countries during elections, they feel threatened, here I am talking about the Serbian side as well as the Kosovar side, it can be concluded that in principle there are no reasons for bigger and more serious security shocks of the region. At the same time, I claim that China and Russia in this case do not possess the appropriate "architecture" to destabilize the Balkans through the Kosovo issue - emphasized the university professor. Metodi Hadji – Janev during the guest appearance in the show "Morning Press".

- Unlike Kosovo, things in Macedonia are far more integrated in terms of how things are regulated in society by the Ohrid Framework Agreement, which I must admit is at an advanced stage. Our institutions have been functioning with that ethnic cohesion for a long time. I am not talking about the quality of the work of the institutions, but about their placement. This arrangement of things is stable and at this moment there is no possibility of any spillover of the situation from Kosovo into the country or any destabilization - pointed out Hadji Janev and added that the country's very membership in NATO strengthened stability and created an atmosphere of political deterrence to some politicians to embark on some kind of adventurism and demolition of the existing system.

Professor Hadji Janev also referred to the latest Ukrainian drone attacks on Moscow, analyzing whether they contribute to fierce Russian military attacks on Ukraine, to the modernization of the army, but also to other regional foreign policy issues.

See more of the conversation with Metodi Hadji Janev in the video below...

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