VIDEO INTERVIEW | Metodi Hadji Janev: Both sides have pro and con arguments for the demolition of the dam in Ukraine, the truth will be hard to find out

Metodi Hadji Janev - professor - Photo: "Free Press" / Dragan Mitreski

That there will be misinformation and lies about the reason why the Kakhovka dam collapsed in Ukraine and what will be the consequences of the disaster itself is more than clear. However, what can initially be seen is that both sides have both pro and con reasons for blasting the dam. The Russian logic is guided by the narrative that this was caused by the fact that they wanted to do this in order to prevent the Ukrainian counter-offensive, but at the same time to create conditions for their own maneuver or coverage to prevent the so-called. spearhead of the attack which is now strong by the Ukrainians north of Bakhmut. On the other hand, the Ukrainian side's explanation, which would be logical for the collapse of the Dnipro river dam, is that they wish to create more pressure on Russia from the international community and draw the attention of the world public to the fact that Moscow really is a terrorist state. because it targets civilian infrastructures - the university professor pointed out Methods Hadzi Janev during today's appearance on the show "Morning Press".

- The cascading effects of the damage to the critical infrastructure of the dam in Ukraine are profound and the dangers and predictions at this moment from it are great and in my opinion go from extreme to extreme. From the fact that it may be possible to cause a nuclear disaster in addition to the humanitarian one to the fact that the dynamics of the water leakage at this moment will not cause catastrophic effects in the region for the population. One thing is clear that the truth about who caused this in conditions of war will be difficult to find out, if not impossible to find out - points out Hadji Janev and adds that such attacks or activities of two warring parties aim to surprise the opponent.

In the conversation in the studio, Professor Hadji Janev referred to the last diplomatic meetings of the Kosovar and Serbian leaders with the American and European senior leaders aimed at calming the situation in northern Kosovo.

- I can say that the international factor gave too much right to Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti to implement their policies. That's why diplomats are now in the role of firefighters who put out the consequences of their politically ill-considered maneuvers. This happens especially in the Balkans with local leaders when they lose ground and reality with their policies, when they think that they are all-powerful and that their opponent is weak. This was also the case in the past when there were military conflicts and suffering in the region, where later the famous western bulldozer diplomacy came to the scene to solve the problems. I am convinced that the same will be the case now - says Hadji Janev and explains that the initial position of both will be increasingly lost and changed the longer the solution to the problem imposed by the West is delayed.

Professor Hadji Janev also spoke about the warnings of a new migrant wave in Europe and on the Balkan route, as well as the challenges and fears of the security structures from the region about a possible new wave of refugees.

You can watch more of the conversation with Professor Hadji Janev in the video below.

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