VIDEO INTERVIEW Marek Menkišak: Europe needs a permanent US military presence to deter Russian pressure

PHOTO - Dejan Srbinovski: Marek Menkiszak - Center for Eastern Studies from Warsaw in Poland

In a sublimated conclusion for "Sloboden Pechat" Marek Menkiszak - responsible for the department dedicated to Russia, from the Center for Eastern Studies from Warsaw, says that Moscow is convinced that it is at war with the West and, according to him, it is using all different instruments - political, economic , social, informational or military in this struggle.

Moscow believes that it is at war with the West and uses various instruments – political, economic, social, informational or military in this struggle. The response of the Atlantic community, in which Poland and North Macedonia are also members, towards Russia should be proportionate to the challenge, which means that there should be an equally systemic, persistent and comprehensive response to the situation. So briefly in a sublimated conclusion in a video interview about Free Press explained the current developments with the war in Ukraine, but also its repercussions on Europe, the Balkans and S. Macedonia, Marek Menkiszak – responsible for the department dedicated to Russia, from The Center for Eastern Studies from Warsaw to Poland.

In the short conversation, among other things, he indicated the necessity of additional military strengthening of NATO's Eastern wing, the challenges of dealing with Russian propaganda in the Balkans, as well as the improvement of economic and political relations between Skopje and Warsaw.

- It is clear to us that this is a long conflict, which will not end in the coming weeks or months. It is now about the fundamental challenges to the security and political order in Europe and around the world that Russia wants to destroy, and we will do everything we can to stop Russia in its attempts. We are convinced that we can succeed in this, because this is not a war of Russia against Ukraine, this is a war of Russia against us, against the entire West, and we believe that it has chosen this war, and we must respond to the challenge that it has set - says Menkishak.

The long-time expert on issues related to Russia, who is also very familiar with the situation in the Balkans, clarifies that it is of great importance at the moment to strengthen NATO's Eastern Wing by increasing the number of American soldiers, as well as improving relations between S. Macedonia and Poland in that context.

- I think that the current war has increased the importance of strengthening the defense of the Eastern flank of NATO, for which Poland has an important role. It affected the increasing number of US troops in the entire region. There are over 10 soldiers in Poland itself, and this is the result of Russian aggression. We believe that number needs to increase, to leave Russia without any hope of being able to continue like this. Our message to Russia is that NATO is united, strong and will resist Russian pressure - says Menkishak.

The expert on Moscow's policies says that in the current situation, all countries that share Western values, including S. Macedonia and Poland, should find a way to increase their cooperation, regardless of whether it is economic, political or security.

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