VIDEO INTERVIEW | Makedon - a nine-year-old little genius in mathematics, is preparing to study at Harvard

Makedon Dimitrovski is a little genius who brings medals from mathematics competitions wherever he appears. He has an IQ of 140 and nothing is difficult for him when it comes to learning. He speaks several languages ​​besides Macedonian, and plans to study at Harvard in a few years. For Free Press says he participated in "mathematics without borders" competitions and competed with 23.000 children, from about 29 countries, divided into several groups, and of course he came away with a medal.

- This match was not so difficult for me, and it was also very interesting for me to do it - says Dimitrovski.

When asked what it means to be a genius, he answers that it means a lot to him and that he works a lot. He manages to help his friends and knows a lot about many different subjects, mathematics, astronomy, history, geography.

-When I was four, my IQ was 133, but now it's up to 140 or 150. When I was four, my mom and dad put me on an IQ test, then we found out that I have a 133 IQ, and since then it was clear to me how smart I am. I know English, Macedonian, I speak German, Albanian and at one time Danish. I plan to go to Harvard in three or four years, where I have to take a test. A mentor from Australia is preparing me for the test - says Makedon.

So far, he has been to six or seven mathematics competitions, from which he returned with a medal.

Watch the entire interview of colleague Agnesa Chavoli below:

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