VIDEO INTERVIEW | Lukarevska: We will win the elections with a broad pro-European front against the anti-European one, led by VMRO-DPMNE and Left

Sanja Lukarevska, vice-president of SDSM/Photo: Metodi Zdravev

SDSM Deputy President Sanja Lukarevska said in Sloboden Pechat that SDSM has two options for participation in the upcoming elections that are being considered, namely a joint participation with the government coalition partners on joint lists, but an independent participation is also possible.

-If we talk about common lists, we have one common denominator, and that is the European agenda. It is our European front and anyone who is on the same line as us in terms of European values, standards for citizens, economic development policies is welcome in that front. On the other hand, we see that there is also an anti-European front, with which we have diametrically opposite views of what is the current political situation, of what is good for the state and who is not, so I think there will be an open fight between what it means for the state to move forward and what it means to stop and stay put and even go back. SDSM is the leader of that European front, just as we saw that VMRO-DPMNE and Left will be the leaders of the anti-European front, and here the dilemma is resolved, says Lukarevska.

Lukarevska believes that such a European agenda is also visible in the opposition parties of the Albanians and therefore they are also welcome in the pro-European front.

According to Lukarevska, a dilemma opened up in the public and two possible options were discussed.

-One is joint lists with DUI and Alliance, which are our current coalition partners, that means we should go to one list or we should go separately with separate lists, but the European story should be common for both options. So for us as SDSM, especially with the parliamentary coalition, but also for DUI and Aliasa, especially as our government coalition partners. And this is a topic, a dilemma and a challenge that we should discuss in the coming period, SDSM deputy president Sanja Lukarevska told "Sloboden Pechat".

Watch the entire interview with Sanja Lukarevska below:

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