VIDEO INTERVIEW | Kočishka: Skopje becomes a European city in December thanks to the PIN and TAKSIRAT festivals

Ramona Monja Kocishki, PIN and Taxirat Festival/Photo: Free Press

"In December, Skopje becomes a European city thanks to PIN and Taxirat - music festivals that come because of the name and not because of the program offered by the festival." It is a sign that young people trust us" - said one of the main organizers of the festivals, Ramona Monja Kociška, in the morning program of "Sloboden Pechat".

Kociška added that when it comes to the PIN festival - it is necessary to know that the whole concept is divided into two programs: conferences and performing events (concerts), and the goal is to attract Macedonian musicians, people who are part of the Macedonian music industry to come and meet the guests brought by the festival itself - delegates from big festivals such as: Exit, Ziged, Tomorrowland, as part of the music program we bring new Macedonian bands that should be recognized by those delegates.

"Pin is a free festival and accessible to everyone, knowing no borders - this year more than 300 delegates from abroad and over 52 performers are present. The same festival takes place on 5 stages and this year celebrates its jubilee - 10 years of its existence. We are surprised by the attendance and the interest of young people who call to visit this kind of festival" - added Kocishka.

Ramona said that Taxirat as a festival is the foundation of the new millennium in Skopje. This year it celebrates 25 years of its existence and this year the festival is dedicated to all the friends who have been part of and supported the Taxirat festival in the past 25 years, including: Dubiosa, Sars Collective, Duo Franzizi, Dabe Fix and many other big musical names .

"The goal of the festivals themselves is to attract as many young people as possible to be interested in culture and music, and we leave room for them to be interested in coming and finding themselves in one of the sectors - everyone has their place under the sun. The PIN and Taxirat festivals know no borders and bring all generations together through music," said Kocishka.

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