VIDEO INTERVIEW Ivica Bocevski: The European saga of Macedonia has been going on since the era of communism

Ivica Bocevski, guest in Utrinski Pechat PHOTO: Sloboden Pechat

In 1989, the then rulers of the country, who came from the Union of Communists of Macedonia, gave instructions to adapt the entire legislation to the European one, by 1991 at the latest. Political analyst Ivica Bocevski clarified this for the viewers of Utrinski Pechat, who added that the first agreement between Yugoslavia and the European Economic Community (EC) was signed by Stojan Andov.

- What is forgotten is that in the 80s of the last century in socialist Yugoslavia, but also in socialist Macedonia, things began to move towards political and economic liberalization, it is not easy, but that is the direction the country took. There is an interesting report from the Government of Branko Mikulić, he was prime minister before Ante Marković, in which guidelines are given for the introduction of market elements in the economy, as well as opening to the EC. Yugoslavia and Macedonia, of course, were seen as part of the common market of the united Europe at that time - said Bocevski.

But despite the fact that the Macedonian communists had a plan to join the then EC, still, even after 30 years later, the country is not ready to join the European family.

He says that the biggest failure in Macedonian European integration was made in the period after independence, when Macedonia lost an entire decade in its approach to the EU. For Bocevski, it is completely irrelevant whether the current date for our membership in the Union is 2030, because it can easily turn into 2100 or 2150.

- In 2030, none of the commissioners of the European Commission will be current, and this also applies to all other European politicians. Of course, our current officials will no longer be in power in 2030, so no one will know what was previously promised - adds Bocevski.

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