VIDEO INTERVIEW | Ivan Jordanov: Shtip will finally get public transport

Ivan Jordanov - Mayor of Shtip / Photo: Free Press - Dragan Mitreski

Ivan Yordanov, mayor of Shtip in his guest appearance in "Utrinski Pechat" talked about solving the traffic jam where he announced several projects to solve this problem.

- We started with certain projects related to solving the traffic jam. Parking spaces that are in demand are also our priority. We started by widening the two main thoroughfares in the central city area in order to increase the parking space in the central city area. Also in the next phase as a project are the consoles on the Otinja River and the multi-storey garages, which I expect to have already started construction, with the aim of reducing traffic congestion, said Yordanov.

During his visit, Mayor Yordanov also boasted that after 20 years, the city of Shtip will receive public city transportation, where initially 6 buses will be purchased.

- In this direction, I expect next month to call a tender for the purchase of 6 new buses and finally to establish public city transport in the municipality of Shtip. The public enterprise that exists until now and is functioning received activity at the previous session of the council for the management of public city transport. We are already in the tendering process for 6 new buses that will run on 6 lines in 8 periods of the day that will cover most of the neighborhoods in the city of Shtip. Primarily more distant settlements at a time when we have increased taxi services, when we have inflation and when we have an increased price of oil, I think it is high time to establish this public city transport in Shtip, which will also contribute to reducing traffic congestion, Yordanov added.

Watch the entire interview with Ivan Jordanov at the following link:

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