VIDEO INTERVIEW | Hadji Janev: OSCE is the best platform that can manage conflicts in the world, the summit in Skopje is of historical importance

Prof. Metodi Hadji Janev/Photo: Sloboden Pechat/Metodi Zdravev

The OSCE summit in Skopje paves the way for diplomacy, that is, solving current conflicts in the world through dialogue. The possible meeting of the heads of American and Russian diplomacy Blinken and Lavrov during the summit in Skopje is a good sign that things will be resolved in a positive direction, says professor Metodi Hadji Janev in the analysis in the studio of "Sloboden Pechat".

- It's good that things will be a surprise, it's good above all for humanity because this meeting has historical importance because this is one of the biggest crises in which the OSCE has found itself since 1975 and it can also be one of the biggest chances after The 90s because the OSCE has a chance to abolish itself or grow into an Organization that will save the world. The very idea, the platform and the architecture on which the OSCE was created is above all to create a bridge between the East and the West, above all the original idea and that bridge of dialogue and cooperation is perhaps the most necessary than ever. What is important to say is that there is a third option, and that is for the Organization to spontaneously, simply not to agree on the budget, because for two years there is no agreement on what the budget will be, not to agree on that and simply start an inversion, or to reversibly close the offices, which can be disastrous for the organization itself, pointed out prof. Hadji Janev.

The historical importance of the 30th Ministerial Meeting of the OSCE in Skopje is so much greater that it comes at a time when there are two major wars in the world in Ukraine and in Gaza, there is unrest on the African continent, and the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh is frozen for the time being, and the hot spot is and the Pacific region. According to Hadji Janev, such issues are best resolved through an organization such as the OSCE.

- Even the biggest pessimists who talk about the fact that in conditions of conflict the OSCE has nothing to seek here, may be wrong because the OSCE is an organization that should manage the conflict and essentially it is an organization that should create conditions for manage conflicts. And that's why I say that it is perhaps the best platform that promises the world, otherwise there is a danger of splitting into two camps and in the real sense, what we are talking about the Cold War is that we have a new Cold War 2.0 that will be a little more terrible than the previous one in which those two camps will develop and strengthen by themselves. On one side is the Asian, Eurasian part in which Russia together with China will have the main say, and the rest of the part will remain with the European Union and NATO, that is, the countries that do not belong to that part of the world, the professor is determined.

However, even in that organization, the key players are the big countries, which will have to overcome themselves to offer conflict resolution.

- The big players have the main say, but on the other hand, it is good that the OSCE is an organization in which small countries also have their voice. The OSCE will be the key organization that will help, in some way, to establish a dialogue in the new architecture that we see in the world. Let's not forget that neither the UN, nor the League of Nations before, nor the Congress of Vienna, diplomatically, historically, did not come into existence at the moment when they were created, but much earlier, so the conditions were created for after the collapse or after, now this is a little inhumane to say, however, after major conflicts, a large platform was created that will be able to regulate those relations between the players or between those main ones who pull the strings, says Hadji Janev for "Sloboden Pechat".


Watch the entire interview with Professor Metodi Hadji Janev below:



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