VIDEO INTERVIEW | Hadji Yanev: Russia does not need a new global hotspot in the Middle East

Metodi Hadji Janev - professor / Photo: Free Press - Dragan Mitreski

If we look from the perspective of whether Russia needs another partner like Iran, which will stand side by side with it openly in a new conflict, not only narratively but also through economics, sanctions, etc. against the forces of the liberal world, in that case we can say that the Middle East needs a partner who will open a new war for Russian interests. But keeping in mind at the same time the fact that Moscow, if its partner in this case Iran, entered into military conflicts with a third country in the Middle East and thereby lost the resources it now receives from Tehran, such as unmanned aerial vehicles - drones, I think that it is unnecessary to have a new military hotbed in that part of the world for Moscow's current interests. This was pointed out by the university professor Metodi Hadzi-Janev in the show "Morning Press" speaking about the latest mutual tensions in the Middle East between Iran and Israel.

- Iran is essentially quite porous and vulnerable. Here are the sanctions, here are the international policies towards the country that we know what they are and since when. Knowing the culture, tradition of this country, but also the internal political relations, I think that at this moment Tehran is not sufficiently ready to enter into a war with Israel or any other country - pointed out Haji Yanev.

Professor Hadji Janev also spoke about the security challenges surrounding the celebration of the upcoming birthday of the Macedonian revolutionary Gotse Delchev in Skopje and the latest provocations from Bulgaria.

- Everyone has the right to celebrate what they want, but for me, Gotse Delchev is a Macedonian revolutionary. In that direction, I think that if two ministers of the interior came out and declared that everything will be fine, it should be for a greeting, because with that both sides declare that they have the will to reduce tensions. And instead of escalating relations, this will contribute to solving things with dignity in a peaceful and diplomatic way - pointed out Hadji Janev.

Watch more of Hadji Janev's interview in the video below.

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