VIDEO INTERVIEW | Hadji Janev: The extradition agreement with Turkey hints at the speedy delivery of Palevski

Prof. Metodi Hadji Janev / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

Our security services professionally and promptly completed their work when it comes to locating and then detaining the persons involved. who are they they suspect the murder of 14-year-old Vanja Gjorchevska and Pavle Žežovski from Veles. An additional clarification for the domestic public is the fact that regardless of how effective the Macedonian institutions are in delivering the documentation needed by the Turkish authorities to deliver the suspect Ljupco Palevski for the crimes committed in the country, there are international legal procedures that must be respected and observed - says the university professor Methods Hadzi Janev during a guest appearance on the morning show of Free Press.

During the conversation in the studio, Hadji Janev explained that extradition is not guaranteed in all cases, especially when it comes to political background. As the professor claims, in the case of the murder of little Vanya, there is no question of any political connotation, and therefore there should not be a great delay in the procedure.

- What is perhaps the greatest luck in the case and refers to the faster satisfaction of justice is the fact that Macedonia and Turkey have signed a bilateral agreement for the mutual extradition of persons accused of criminal acts, which in my opinion foreshadows the speedy delivery of the suspect Ljupco Palevski to the domestic institutions says – Hadji Janev.

The expert on international relations points out that now the whole procedure ce it boils down to the work of the Turkish institutions and their assessment of the persecuted Palevski, and according to Hadji Janev, this may take a month or more.

- Until now, what has been collected from information in the pre-investigation and investigation procedure says that there are no indications of political involvement and connection with the suspected refugee. If a retrospective is made of the refugees from the country who are they convicted in proceedings which are not yet available to our judicial authority as the case of ex-prime minister Nikola Gruevski and the others, it can be seen that these are totally different cases with deep political involvement. In that context, I do not expect any prolongation of the extradition of the suspect by the Turkish authorities unless it is an administrative error made unintentionally by us in order to complete the documentation for the extradition of the refugee Palevski as soon as Turkey would request additional information - Professor Hadji Janev pointed out.

In the conversation in the studio, Professor Hadji Yanev also referred to the latest developments with the wars in Ukraine and Israel, the blocking of the White House's request for emergency financial aid to Ukraine and Israel by the US Senate, but also to other developments from the international political scene.

You can watch more of the conversation from the visit of university professor Metodi Hadji Janev in the video below.




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