VIDEO INTERVIEW | Goran Janevic, Janta volleyball: Let's not forget about volleyball!

Goran Janevic - volleyball coach / Photo: Free Press - Dragan Mitreski

The owner of Janta Volley, Goran Janevic, told "Morning Press" about the successes, failures and challenges that volleyball faces in Macedonia. Janta Volley, one of the most popular and trophy-winning volleyball clubs in the women's competition, is currently second in the First Women's League, but according to Janevic, the club has a good chance of winning the title again.

The little attention that the media and the public pay to volleyball is, unfortunately, a serious problem for this sport, which historically is quite famous in Macedonia and the region. Despite the successes that our men's national team recorded at the European championships, for now the support for the senior leagues remains minimal.

In addition to the great successes that Janta Volley has recorded in women's volleyball, the club is also known for its school. As the head of the club, Goran Janevic, says, the number of young girls who decide to train volleyball is still high. According to him, women have more competition than men.

Janevic says that boys often choose to coach football, basketball or handball, which leaves room for women's volleyball to develop further.

The financial aspect is also a big reason why young people rarely decide to compete professionally. According to the coach of Janta Volley, in Macedonia, volleyball is unfortunately a recreational sport.

Janevic says that a lot needs to be invested in this sport, because there is enough capacity to build this country as a serious volleyball force at the European level.

In September, North Macedonia, together with Israel, Italy and Bulgaria will host the European Volleyball Championship, which can be an opportunity to further develop this sport at the state level.

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