VIDEO INTERVIEW | Deanoski: They carry court mail for serious crimes for a salary of only 18.300 denars

Terpe Deanoski - UPOZ / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" - Dragan Mitreski

There are low salaries in the public sector, most of them have a salary based around the minimum, and there is a huge generalization that everyone in the public sector does not work, which is not true, emphasized the president of the Union of Workers from Administration, Judicial Bodies and Citizens' Associations (UPOZ ) Terpe Deanoski in a conversation for "Utrinski Pechat".

- There are also ministers who say that employees in the public sector embezzle their salary and shake the door. It is devastating for them to say it. They are the ones who should organize the work - says Deanoski.

He emphasizes that in the public sector there are examples of very responsible professions, and where salaries are undignified.

- Here, let's take the court reporter as an example. He has neither a uniform nor a badge that he is a court deliveryman, he wears court mail for serious crimes, for various offenses, they call him names all day long, they spit on him. He works from 9 a.m. to 17 p.m., without any protection from the judicial authorities and has a salary of 18.300 denars - Deanoski said indignantly.

He emphasized that work has begun on a new General Collective Agreement for the public sector and emphasized that it is unacceptable that the last one was signed in 2008.

Watch the entire VIDEO – INTERVIEW with Trpe Deanoski, president of UPOZ below:

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