VIDEO INTERVIEW | Anna Dornik: It was not a success to beat breast cancer, but to beat yourself

Ana Dornik - motivational speaker / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

Serbian humanitarian, activist и motivational speaker Anna Dornik is a woman who after the battle with breast cancer, she came out victorious, and not only that, she dedicates her life to all women who are fighting the same fight. Anna is a woman who radiates her own positive aura, a woman who puts her experience at the service of others who need support not only in the fight against cancer, but in life in general.

Last week, Dornik was a guest at the regional women's conference "Profemina 2023", which was held in Skopje, so she used her visit to Macedonia to visit the morning show "Free Press".

- I am very glad that I can convey my affirmative approach to my struggle to the women here in Macedonia. The fight itself is neither simple nor easy, it is a rollercoaster of emotions, a mental game, where you win if you manage to beat yourself, not breast cancer. It was not a success to beat breast cancer, but to beat yourself. And that's my message to all women, what thoughts we carry with us, that's how we will live. Facing that disease is a moment when you actually die, a moment when you wonder if you will survive, if you will see a new morning and what that disease means to you, if you survive. My mother died of breast cancer when I was very young and she was very young, and all I had in front of me was the image of that woman who died. That's why I wanted to be a proof to those ladies who are fighting and who will walk in my shoes that they will survive, proof of an affirmative struggle, because I didn't have that woman in front of me. I really walked blindly through the streets of this life, realizing that the women I met on my Instagram profile needed support and that it was necessary to show someone with enthusiasm, someone who decided not to be defined by the disease, but to be pure inspiration. Those women needed someone like that to appear, so that they could walk that path, and I am grateful that I am the motivation of those beautiful women in Serbia and Macedonia - says Dornik.

Ana Dornik – motivational speaker / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat"

Anna is also the author of the autobiography book "Ti si taa", which she says is not a tribute to the disease, but a manual for facing women's life problems. She fights for greater awareness of early prevention, education and support in treatment.

- There are two key moments in life, it is the moment when we are born and the moment when we realize why we were born. My book reminds exactly why each of us was born, with what purpose and that when we find our own purpose, you yours, I mine... then we have found ourselves. Then we have a motivation, a reason to fight, not to fight for someone else, but for ourselves, and everything else is a consequence. So, my book reminds that we should find our own values ​​and what actually makes us happy, because if we are happy, our environment will be happy. We often decide on happiness because of others and even more often we wait for that happiness, thinking that it will come by itself. We often expect the circumstances around us to change, and we have to adapt to those circumstances, my book reminds us that every change comes from ourselves, and then when we change, a really magical process happens - says Anna.

Dornik has about 42.000 followers on Instagram, and as she says, she manages to reach out to all those who need her support. Although he believes that in those difficult moments the support of family, loved ones and the environment is important, however, it is not crucial. According to her, the most important thing is acceptance and fighting with yourself.

- Support from the environment is very important, but not the most important. The most important thing is for the patient to find the strength in herself. That is the key moment for healing. And how to find that? First, by accepting what is given to us. Nietzsche said: "Amor fati" - love your destiny! Love your experiences, whatever they are. And when we accept it and love it and be with those feelings, that is, we won't run away from what happened to us, then we can say: "OK, I have breast cancer, what next?". The power of change lies in the power of good questions. When I stopped asking myself the question "why did the disease happen to me?" and started thinking about what I can do to make this disease inspire me and ultimately benefit me, then I got better - said Dornik.

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