VIDEO INTERVIEW | Aleksandar Acevski and Katerina Acevska, Macedonian Jiu Jitsu Federation: The third place in France is confirmation of our successes

Aleksandar Acevski and Katerina Acevska, Macedonian Jiu Jitsu Federation/ Photo Sloboden Pechat/ Dragan Mitreski

The head coach of the Macedonian Jiu Jitsu Federation, Aleksandar Acevski, and the best fighter in this martial art, Katerina Acevska, told "Utrinski Pechat" in a conversation about how the recent European Championship took place in France, where the young Katerina won a bronze medal, as well as about the current situation in the federation.

Although Katerina lost the first match to the Italian Mazza Federica, she managed to reach the third place through a rematch. As she told "Utrinski Pechat", the defeat in the first match served as motivation for her to continue and reach the third place. For her, this championship is a great experience, and with this great result, Macedonia's success is confirmed not only in jiu jitsu, but also in all martial arts.

The head coach of the Macedonian Jiu Jitsu Federation, Aleksandar Acevski, also spoke about this, saying that the country has always had good fighters in all martial arts. He says he is pleased that a large number of children still decide to enroll and learn different martial arts, and the success of young fighters is a great example for the next generations.

Although the number of Macedonian fighters who fight professionally in martial arts is relatively small, the children continue to record good results. Acevski says that with jiu jitsu young people can learn different ways of defense, which can help them in life, as well as sportsmanship and competitive spirit.

Young Katerina says that the first time she put on a kimono, she fell in love with how it fit her, so she decided to devote herself to martial arts. She sees herself as a jiu-jitsu trainer in the future, and her biggest wish is that one day the child she trained succeeds in winning a medal at a European or world competition.

Several more championships await the federation this year, which Acevski hopes will result in new successes for Macedonia.

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