VIDEO INTERVIEW | Agoli: I accepted the Catholic faith together with the marriage

Maya Agoli/Photo: Free Press

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Maya Agoli is a Catholic since she got married. Born as an Orthodox believer, she marries into a Catholic family, but her father-in-law is a member of the Muslim community. She accepts both faiths, but becomes a Catholic because it is closer to her faith, she was baptized in a church.

-At the wedding itself, with the last name that I liked very much, I also accepted the faith. There are three religions in our family. I was Orthodox, but I accepted both Catholic and Muslim. I also respect my father-in-law's religion, he is Turkish. But we mostly went to the Christian Catholic church, because we were baptized in a church - says Agoli.

Maya Agoli/Photo: Free Press

When she met her husband, she knew that he came from a family in which both religions are respected, Catholic by her mother-in-law, Croatian, and Muslim by her father-in-law, Turkish.

- I was visiting, we met and in a short time we got married. Nothing bothered me. I haven't had any problems with the family, who celebrate what they want, we celebrate Christmas, we have also celebrated Eid, so there was no problem. The father-in-law was a man of culture, the mother-in-law is from Croatia, there was no problem here. My children are baptized, two are in the Orthodox Church, my youngest is in the Catholic Church. Well, let there be no division - says Agoli.

When she started going to a Catholic church, she realized that in them, getting closer to Christ, and the holidays are almost no different from the Orthodox church.

- There is no difference, they are different with children, they want to move forward. What I liked was that there was religious education for the children, they learned foreign languages, I think that was a great act, the Pope was coming... On the seventh of January we celebrate Orthodox Christmas in the Catholic church. Just like in the Orthodox church, the prayers are the same, the only difference is in the mass of the Catholic church, and in the Orthodox church the priest performed the service. The way of praying is different, because in the Orthodox church we all stand, while in the Catholic church there are benches and chairs. And in the Catholic Church, Christmas, Easter and St. Nikola, we also fast for Christmas and Easter - says Agoli.

While her children were younger, she was more active in the Catholic community. Her children celebrate both the Orthodox and the Catholic. There is no fire lighting on Christmas Eve like in the Orthodox church.

- All faiths have their own beauty, every believer should not share faith because every faith has its own beauty - says Agoli.

Watch the entire interview of colleague Agnesa Chavoli below:

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