VIDEO | Elon Musk revealed that he has a secret account on Instagram, he uses it only for one purpose

Photo: Elon Musk / Photo: EPA-EFE/Patrick Pleul

Ilon Mask, the richest man in the world, admitted to having a secret profile on Instagram who uses it for private purposes. The billionaire said that he takes selfies with which he wants to attract the attention of others, but at the same time he also wants to "sexually" interest them.

During the podcast popular YouTubers Nail Boys, in which the Tesla boss talked about aliens, his takeover deal Твитер and other things, he also revealed that he has an Instagram account.

As the conversation turned to social media and its influence, Musk said he has a secret Instagram account that he uses to click on links and the like, but added that he ended up not liking the experience.

"Instagram is a new level of 'thirst trap,'" Musk said, referring to the English term "thirst trap," which means posting flirtatious photos and messages on social media with the intent to attract attention or sexually interest the people who see it. .

"I found myself taking a lot of selfies," he added, saying he then wondered why he was doing it.

A short clip of the podcast surfaced on Twitter, with an accompanying tweet claiming that Musk has zero followers on his secret Instagram account. The billionaire even replied to the said tweet saying that he has 54 followers.

During the podcast, Musk said that he only uses Twitter to communicate with people, and that it's easier to have just one focused channel of communication to make things more productive. On Twitter, Musk has more than 102 million followers.

What is a "thirst trap"?

It is a term that refers to a type of post on social networks intended to sexually attract viewers. The viewer's "thirst" represents sexual frustration or despair. The trap is set by deliberately publishing provocative content that entices a reaction from other, interested parties. After reacting, the person has fallen into the trap and admitted their "thirst," that is, their interest or desperate need for you.

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