VIDEO | Ilievska - Siljanovska: By respecting the protocols, the theater is a safe place for our children, and the interest is great

Katarina Ilievska - Sijanovska
Katarina Ilievska - Sijanovska / Morning briefing

There are still a few days left until the beginning of the second semester of this school year. The extended pandemic holiday, according to current announcements, ends early next month.

In recent days and even today, temperatures have recorded low minus temperatures because the country was affected by a cold wave, but at least according to the announcements of meteorologists, the next period is not expected to be slightly warmer.

Given the circumstances, many parents think about what they can do to spend quality time with their children.

Our suggestion for this is time spent in a theater play.

On this topic in Morning briefing we talked to the director of the Theater for Children and Youth Katarina Ilievska - Sijanovska.

-Unfortunately for all of us, this pandemic shortened our wings, including ours, the artists, and of course the children of our audience. In 2020, when the gates of cultural facilities and all others were closed, when we were not allowed to have performances, it was very sad. But after they opened in October 2020, we started working and our theater was slowly rising to its feet from scratch, she said.

For now 2021 and this month of 2022, normally with protocols of 50% of the allowed capacity in the hall, with respect to all protocols, with a certificate for vaccine, disinfection of hands, of course wearing a mask inside the hall, except for preschool children age, now we already have three shows a week.

- The audience wants to come and I think that 99% of the people who come to visit us are satisfied. I think it is safe and we should take the children to the theater. Our most common audience is from three to ten years old. The youngest children have the greatest interest, says Ilievska-Siljanovska for the Morning briefing.

Follow the whole conversation in the video

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