VIDEO | Igor Dzambazov, Vesna Petrusevska and children actors with eco anthem about the importance of caring for the environment

Photo: Promo

Famous showmen Vesna Petrusevska и Igor Dzambazov promoted the environmental anthem online on the Agenda 21 YouTube channel. The song was made for the TV show "Agenda 21" which aims to raise awareness among citizens about the importance of caring for the environment.

- "Garbage, garbage, garbage" is the refrain that you will sing every time you are annoyed by civil negligence and will remind you that changes can come from us through small steps in everyday life. Singable, but at the same time "to the bone" real, which fully reflects the low level of environmental awareness in the country - say from KMK Production.

The video was realized by KMK Production, recorded on a location on the quay of the river Vardar and on the roof of the building of Macedonia Insurance Vienna Insurance Group, which are also their supporters. The children from the video honestly convey the message are students from the Acting School of Vesna Petrusevska, who together with their future bearers of eco change in the country are their older friends - the students from SUGS "Orce Nikolov".

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