VIDEO | Charity concert tonight at the Comedy Theater, with 100 denars help buy a wheelchair

Mia Jankovska and Jovana Petrovska - volunteers in the Red Cross

Today from 19:21 to XNUMX:XNUMX in the theater "Comedy" will be held charity concert intended for purchase wheelchair umbrella for a child with syphilis syndrome and autism informed today at the Morning briefing the volunteers Jovana Petrovska and Mia Jankovska who are part of the concert organizers.

- All funds from this concert and the entire Central Committee PHV cycle will be intended for a child suffering from dandruff syndrome and autism. The purpose is for him to provide a wheelchair and renovate his room. The idea comes from our disseminators who organize the target groups, but the goal is to help those who need it most. Within the Central Committee PHV cycle, we have organized several gathering actions, three stands, and we are planning a race and an oratory evening, said Mia Jankovska.

The wheelchair for which the young volunteers collect humanitarian funds costs around 70.000 denars.

- The projects planned for this season end with the humanitarian concert, and in the summer the Red Cross volunteers will focus on helping the population during the heat waves. From September, the traditional activities will start again, Give a package, a week of humanity, a week of hunger and a number of blood donation actions, said Jovana Petrovska.

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