VIDEO: Croatian police raid "Liberland", a fictitious "state" on the Danube

Photo: HRT

Croatian police raided Liberland, a fictitious "state" on the Danube, near Bački Monoštor in Serbia and Zmajevac in Croatia, which was occupied and declared by Czech Vit Jedlicka in April 2015.

As reported on the official website of Liberland, the police came on Thursday accompanied by Croatian forest inspectors and a demolition team that "destroyed private property and arrested several Liberlanders", reports today.

Everything, they say, happened without notice or police warning, and the people living there were not given enough time to gather their belongings, Lieberland said. No one was injured, but property was damaged or seized, reports the Croatian portal Dnevnik.

The site lists damaged or removed property, including two garden houses and a beach house, an outdoor kitchen with multiple refrigerators and stoves, generators and electronic equipment, a Starlink antenna, bicycles, food and other necessities.

Lieberland states that the police and employees of Croatian Forests behaved unprofessionally and insulted people. We asked for a written notice or report and were told that there is none and there will be none. We recorded and photographed this incident and have already launched a legal battle on several levels," the Liberland website said.

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